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Ceros y Unos. And other history books on computing.

ceros y unos

The last book I read is “Ceros y Unos” (ones and zeroes), a present from my sister for Sant Jordi (23 abril).

This book itself is a compilation of the articles that can be found in libertad digital. If you feel that the topic is interesting but don’t like to read big/boring history books, this book is for you (and of course, you have to be fluent in spanish). It is just a pack of articles, that makes it the perfect book for a quick read in public transport, or the toilet :-P.

But at the same time it lacks part of the rigour of other books. I was not surprised to see that the book cites as references some books that I already read.

3 Other books

This is a very interesting topic, so I would like to list 3 other books that I read in the past.

Una història de la informàtica – Miquel Barceló
This book is a light read that gets you up to speed in the topic. Miquel Barceló has a fluent writing that makes it very easy to read. And again, I think it is only in catalan and spanish.

A history of modern computing – Ceruzzi, Paul E
This is for me the best book I ever read on computing history. It is a long (488 pages) book where you can find the foundations of computing. It gives a lot of emphasis on the old computers of yesterday.

IBM and the Holocaust – Edwin Black
Not a general picture, but a small period of one of the biggest companies. This book narrates the history of IBM and the Nazi regime.


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