This page and following subpages present some of my little projects 🙂


Most of the software I worked with was not for personal projects but for the companies I worked on, or University projects. Here you can see a list of the projects I’ve been involved with (some way or another):

banner_square_r201 Aigua en Temps real is an old project where you can see current rain status in Catalunya.GO! (A new version appeared in 2019, I was not related to it :-))
vagueplaceslogo Vague-places (or Defining vague places with web knowledge) is my master thesis output. It can generate an area polygon from a query on Wikipedia articles. GO!
dbpediamaplogo Derived from part of the vague-places work. A Wikipedia points viewer from all over the world grouped by country. GO! (down, ooooh!)
thermofisherlogo Kryptor-G is an in-vitro analysis machine. My work was related with Firmware, machine diagnostics, cooler control and scanning. GO!
A small Tenma power supply controller from command line using a serial cable. GO!
grifolslogo A project related to the Grifols MDmulticard® cards.
Gilytics pathfinder is a web application that helps finding the best path for energy infrastructures. Lots of Python an PostGIS. GO!
armlogo ARM has a whole suite of development tools. In my time in Cambridge I worked alongside the compiler and debugger teams. GO!


I am a video game lover since I got my first Game Boy, so it is not difficult to understand that I feel some interest for videogame developing. Never got serious with it, but I have some little pygame games, only one that I consider finished, the rest are half cooked games.

Note that this games are from 2012 🙂 old and not finished haha.

banner_square_r201 A game of random mazes that you will have to solve at different speeds. GO!
banner_pykurin_r20 Kuru Kuru Kuruin style game. GO!
banner_square_r202 Survive a horde of bugs.