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Firmware update SN30pro on Linux

This has been a small nightmare 🙂

So, I own an SN30pro gamepad mostly used to play Nintendo Switch. It works wonders, EXCEPT when running in multiplayer mode alongside other controllers, where I get a totally noticeable input lag

how to fix it


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Logitech Trackman in Linux


A simple post on how to configure a Logitech Trackman Marble on GNU/Linux. This post is tested on Ubuntu but since this is Xorg configuration it should be usable almost everywhere.

Configure it


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Unison Sync

Typical situation:

  • Photos&Music on Laptop
  • Photos&Music on USB drive

For my documents I actually sync to Ubuntu One and Dropbox (the 2G are totally enough for that, and Ubuntu déjà-dup scheduled backups are cool!), but I can’t sync my photos to online drives, I don’t want to pay for more space.

I was thinking on using rsync, but finally I decided to try something new (for me), Unison sync.

The unison-gtk graphical interface is easy, and the sync works perfectly!

apt-get install unison-gtk

The idea is that you create different profiles for different directories. In this case I create a profile for three of my directories: Documents, Pictures and Music

Creating a profile is as easy as: Path directory1 + Path directory2, and then unison will mantain this directories with the same data every time you run the sync. And that’s it, Unison will take care that the directories always hold the same data at the latest version.

I only had a problem with file permissions (As Always!). My external hard drive is formatted as Fat32 that does not support permissions. Unison refused to copy the files because it wast not possible to copy the permissions. The solution is easy, on the unison directory you have to edit the preferences files (for every profile) adding:

perms = 0

before the definition of the directories to sync. Once it’s done, unison does not try to copy the permissions.

More options for syncing directories are available 🙂 maybe I’ll try them on the future:

Conduit for Gnome –> This one actually seems really good.
Grsync –> rsync graphical interface on gnome.
Synkron –> Nice website! seems so professional.

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Some days ago while procastinating around I discovered a little software jewel:

Emerillon is named after the Émérillon, one of the three boats that visited New France under Jacques Cartier’s command in 1535. Émérillon is also French for Merlin Falcons.
Emerillon Website

How Cool is that?


1541: Cartier's Three Ships Grand Heremine, Petite Hermine, & Emerillon


Émerillon - Merlin Falcon

That Cool!

But we are not interested in the name (though I like it a lot), the software is neat.
Emerillon is a map viewer for Gnome desktop environment. It features OpenStreetMap layers and a small, easy to use interface.
The feature list is not very long (not as long as Google Earth) but it’s a nice start for a good map viewer.

The beautiful part is that it features a plugin system (currently with 4 basic plugins) that eases extensibility:

  • Search bar (using GeoNames)
  • Placemarks
  • Map Coordinates (window center latitude,longitude)
  • Link Generator (for ggmap, bing, osm)


There’s a lot of room for improvement, but it seems that the bugzilla page of the project is somewhat dead. The last commit (translation to Japanese) is from a week ago, but the last development commit dates from 2011-11-11.

It’s a shame.

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