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Europe DbPedia 2017

I was kind of bored while doing some work, and just past week we were discussing with a colleague about my vague-places project.

This project was forgotten in time, but today I’ve blown the dust away, recovered it, and updated the Europe DbPedia map.

Image overview

Most of you won’t be interested in the full story. So here, see a set of results. If something picks your interest (like, why Portugal has almost no points) just keep reading 😀

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α – Shape generation with R

α-shape, is a family of piecewise linear simple curves in the Euclidean plane associated with the shape of a finite set of points.
— Wikipedia

Boum!. Let’s make it simpler. α-shape is a generalization of the convex hull concept. And the convex hull of a set of points is the minimal convex set containing all the points. Is typical to depict as some pins covered by a rubber band.

convex hull

Representation of convex hull idea

α-shape me!

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