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Python and Jenkins


NOTE from the future:
Whoops, this was written and forgot in the depths of my drafts. So I just reviewed it and said, hey, It is acceptable to post 😀

The third (and probably last) post about this lovely Jenkins guy. It seems that people is right, lately I’m Jenkins man.

Most of what I do in Jenkins can be done with the Groovy Scripting language itself, usually via the Scriptler plugin to keep things organized.

I am a command line guy, and sometimes I just want to get a plain text file with the results for something, instead of firing up Jenkins, going to a build, checking the artifact or output.

In this post I’ll present how to combine a basic Groovy script, with a more in-depth analysis with a python script:

Let’s save some time



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Auto Jenkins Setup

I recently talked about how to automate Jenkins using job-dsl. We are going a bit further here.

Jenkins is usually the frontend for projects to check their build status, but for some, Jenkins is the product that we develop, or where we drop plugins etc. In that case, we don’t want to do this into production.

In our case we work with Open Nebula as a VM provider, so it is fairly easy to create a quick VM to test something and then just remove it. It is not as common as having your own Jenkins instance, but since I found that I was doing this quite commonly, it was time to automate.

In this post I present an automatic way to set up a quick Jenkins host. So I just have to type a command and come back later.

automation time!


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A better way to Jenkins


Jump around, Jump around. No maps this time, but Continuous Integration. My current work involves a lot of a software piece called Jenkins. I’ve been swimming with it the last 2 months and I feel compelled to share how we changed our ways.

This post is an overview guide on how to configure Jenkins to generate the jobs that are defined in a git repo.

let’s integrate continuously

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