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Quick Unit testing with C


Unit testing is something that lots of developers are used to, and in environments like Python or Java can be even bundled in some awesome libraries. Easy to use, easy to implement, great results.

Then it comes C Embedded: The environment is different, even the people is different!!. Praising the benefits of unit testing is not that easy sometimes, even writing the unit test functions is not as straigtforward.

In this post, I’ll talk about Unity, a small unit test library for C.

See how we test


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ST HAL I2C address (SHIFTED!)


Quick note, for those who might be banging their head, like I did.

ST HAL library 7 bit I2C address has to be shifted before passed to their functions.

EDIT: Let me google that for you situation. I’ve been working with the official ST documentation, when I just had to google to find this beautiful blog post from 2 years ago.


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Numpy in C

C + numpy

When I was temporary working at my former university UPC (Universitat polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya) in the TALP department (Center for Language and Speech Technologies and Applications), I found myself in the following situation:
My employers had a lot of python code creating matrices and stuff saved to .npy (numpy files) but wanted to speed up their processes.

I thought about loading those files in existing C code, to effectively use the GPU with OpenGL/CUDA. And once everyone was convinced, I spent some time developing a small library to do so, in the following post you will find an explanation of the numpy format and the code for the C library.

really? continue please


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xkeyval and the 9 arguments

Recently I’ve been playing D&D with some friends. Tired of writing my small homebrew adventures in OpenOffice I turned into my old friend \LaTeX.

Seemed to me that a D&D adventure was specific enough to have its own document class, like article, book etc. And could not find it online, so right now I am writing one.html select jquery set selected

In this article I will explai how to write \LaTeX commands accepting more than the 9 default parameters.

more please


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