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Legend of GrimRock

I’m a big fan of Dungeon crawl. Is one of the only games that is always there.

Such was my joy when some months ago I read about Legend of Grimrock. I preordered the game on GOG (I prefer GOG in front of Steam) and it’s here! [Well, the post is not in time with GOG release, I’m a slow writer]

Let’s do a fast comparison:

Crawl Orcs and Ogres

Crawl Ogres (the capital O)

Legend of Grimrock Ogre

Legend of Grimrock Ogre

That’s an Ogre!

Crawl will never disappear (Big game with lots of options, randomness and suprises) but Grimlock has a good appeal. It looks good, sounds good and plays good. It Presents an old-school gaming style revamped in a really beautiful case.

High Five for Almost Human!

Doing a review is far from my objective, I just want to share how awesome this game is. More skilled reviewers alredy wrote about Grimrock:

EDGE review: ⇒GO
GameBanshee: ⇒GO


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