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Python and Jenkins


NOTE from the future:
Whoops, this was written and forgot in the depths of my drafts. So I just reviewed it and said, hey, It is acceptable to post 😀

The third (and probably last) post about this lovely Jenkins guy. It seems that people is right, lately I’m Jenkins man.

Most of what I do in Jenkins can be done with the Groovy Scripting language itself, usually via the Scriptler plugin to keep things organized.

I am a command line guy, and sometimes I just want to get a plain text file with the results for something, instead of firing up Jenkins, going to a build, checking the artifact or output.

In this post I’ll present how to combine a basic Groovy script, with a more in-depth analysis with a python script:

Let’s save some time



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Retrieve KML links


On my previous post I worked with a kml that was splitted in various networked kmz files. This was particularly annoying given that I had to track the files in my computer.

I am ashamed, this should have been automatized! And since a friend prepared a nice script for it, here it is.

get my kmls

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Getting information from IPs


Posts come very slowly, but here’s another one.

This post won’t be useful for most people :-(. You know when you use google analytics and get that fantastic map showing where people connect from? Read this, and you will learn how to do it yourself.

Tell me how

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Numpy in C

C + numpy

When I was temporary working at my former university UPC (Universitat politècnica de Catalunya) in the TALP department (Center for Language and Speech Technologies and Applications), I found myself in the following situation:
My employers had a lot of python code creating matrices and stuff saved to .npy (numpy files) but wanted to speed up their processes.

I thought about loading those files in existing C code, to effectively use the GPU with OpenGL/CUDA. And once everyone was convinced, I spent some time developing a small library to do so, in the following post you will find an explanation of the numpy format and the code for the C library.

really? continue please


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Rpi Weather LED


In this post I will describe how to use a raspberry pi to give feedback according to specific daily weather. And yes, feedback just means LEDs 🙂


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Convex Hull, one algorithm implementation

I talked about convex hulls some time ago in an alpha shape post.

The convex hull is probably one of the most basic computational geometry algorithms, and because of that it is present in almost, if not all, geometry/cad/gis libraries and software packages. In this post you will find an explanation of one of the existing algorithms to compute it, an implementation with C++, plus a set of scripts to generate various point clouds and the corresponding hulls.


  • Describe one of the possible convex hull algorithms
  • Implement the algorithm in C++
  • Provide various scripts to generate random point clouds and compute its convex hulls

I won’t lie to you, this post might be boooring ;-).

continue to this long post


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