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The monster comes back


In the previous post, We left a \LaTeX table representing a Vargouille monster like this:

Monster definition basic

Monster definition basic and attackless

And we want it more threatening. In this post I will add the different attacks, base stats, languages and maybe equipment. All are optional, it is decoration to our dangerous monster

Bring this monster to life


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The monster environment


As I commented, I am working on a Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) \LaTeX class to write small adventures.


The monster environment should deal with creating the corresponding table and all that it is necessary. A monster has a set of attributes (common to all monsters), and a set of powers different to each monster. In D&D 4e this is typically presented in a table, which I think is the best possible presentation.

Typical d&d 4e monster stats table.

Typical d&d 4e monster stats table.

Stats generated with the LaTeX class

Stats generated with the LaTeX class (There is a small error).

let me see


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