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Flatland: A romance on many dimensions

Seems that I’m on a combo of good reads (Endurance, CODE and now Flatland).

This is the story of a square living on a 2D world and how it becomes aware of the 3D world. Does not sound interesting? well, I think it is.

The book was written in 1884 as a satirical novel on the Victorian stratified society, and an examination of different dimensions. Nowadays is still interesting, at least for the definitions on various dimensions.

If you run into a printed copy buy it! is one of those novels that I would love to have in my shelf. If you are planning to buy any digital version, stop right here! There’s an online version in HTML at the Minnesota Science and technology center. Is not difficult to use Calibre or Online convert to obtain a nice ebook for your reader.

Online version at the Minnesota Science and technology center ⇒GO
Online Convert ⇒GO
Calibre ⇒GO


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Basic Network Analysis With GRASS

I performed a little network analysis with ArcGIS on the Schools in Enschede. Given a shapefile with roads and the school points I obtained the service areas at 1km and 2km from the schools. Can I obtain the same with GRASS?

Brilliant! I want to read more


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Trailing Whitespaces Vim

Trailing whitespaces are a pain in the ass. Adding, deleting and modifying code can lead to invisible spaces at the end of the line. This is “bad” and useless.

Here comes Vim!

A substitution command :%s/<search>/<substitute>/
Where the search is for trailing whitespaces \s\+$ and the substitute is “nothing”.

Writing this every time is too much effort, it’s a good idea to define a user command:
:command Deltw :%s/\s\+$//

Or better, add the line to your vimrc file:
command Deltw :%s/\s\+$//

now just typing the command Deltw deletes those annoyances.


Vim patterns ⇒GO
Vim user_commands manual ⇒GO

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